bronze potting soil


This perlite-free, organic amended soil has a base of aged fir bark,
compost, peat, coco, and pumice. Amended with organic fertilizers and
minerals, this blend is ready to be used for container, greenhouse, or full
season outdoor gardens.

Biologic Systems Bronze Blend Potting Soil is an organic, fully amended potting soil specially formulated for vigorous plant growth in any indoor, outdoor or greenhouse system.

Aged fir bark, compost, sphagnum peat moss, coco coir, pumice, kelp meal, archipelago bat guano, bone meal, blood meal, crustacean meal, feather meal, K-Mag, dolomite, lime, gypsum.


Available Sizes
2.5 Yds (1911 L) tote

Directions for Use
Blend with prepared or native soils at 10-25% of total volume.

Containers & Mixing Soil
1-3 qt per yard
½ – 1 oz per gal
4-8 oz per sq ft

Top Dressing Established Plants

¼-1/2 oz per gal
25-150lbs/1000 sq ft