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Our mission is to provide the best products for you

At Biologic Systems we take pride in our product sourcing. From the inception of the company in 2007, the team at Biologic has been dedicated to crafting a comprehensive line of scientifically proven soil blends, amendments, fertilizers and beneficial microbes that build and support living soil. Each Biologic Systems product is rigorously evaluated and field tested on our own crops to ensure it reflects our commitment to sustainability, quality and affordability. Thank you for sharing our passion for organic agriculture and choosing Biologic Systems.


Our products are sourced from pure organic ingredients which meet NOP (National Organic Program) standards and are certified organic by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Each product is routinely tested to ensure it continues to meet our standards and new inputs are frequently added to our constantly evolving product line.
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We turn waste streams into high quality organic agricultural inputs. We diligently seek out premium, ecologically mindful ingredients and products such as compost, cold-processed fish hydrolysate and fertilizer derived from landfill-bound food scraps.


At Biologic we feel privileged to be part of a long-standing, vital local community on the West Coast and appreciate our connection to a global community of growers working tirelessly towards a brighter, more sustainable future for agriculture. We firmly believe that we need to take action now to maintain healthy diversity for future generations to come.
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As farmers, we understand the extra expense your commitment to organic agriculture requires. We’ve developed a wholesale direct pricing model which enables us to offer our customers the highest quality products at the lowest possible price by eliminating intermediary distributors.