Biologic Systems Worm Castings


With all the biological inoculants and organic materials on the market today, choosing the right ones to fit your needs can be confusing. Here are the products we believe are the best. These products go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality while maintaining affordability.
Consciously harvested with no fillers or additives, Biologic Systems Humus is composed of 100% pure forest humus. Thousands of years in the making, our Humus is produced entirely by mother nature through the process of natural decomposition of diverse forest material.
Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic microbial relationships with the roots of 95% of plant species, dramatically improving plant survival, vigor and health.
Mycorrhizae increase nutrient uptake by increasing the surface absorbing area of the roots and releasing powerful enzymes into the soil that convert tightly bound nutrients into plant-available forms.
Worms process the essential nutrients and trace minerals found in soil, making them easily accessible to plants. Biologic Systems Worm Castings are 100% castings, produced by composting worms fed a vegetarian diet emphasizing grains and diverse minerals.