We believe that soil is our most precious resource.

Given the critical state of our world’s topsoil, it is vital to develop agricultural methods that effectively address the concerns and needs of growers and soil life alike, producing clean air, water, food, and landscapes for all inhabitants. Under the influence of chemical science and technology, agriculture and landscape management has achieved major improvements, though often with high costs and consequences. To create a truly balanced system, we looked to nature’s most successful ecosystems for our answers.

Super soil



This premium blend of organic amendments has been specifically formulated to amend or re-amend/renew soil for the growing season. This diverse mix of amendments and fertilizers provides balanced nutrients for both vegetative and flowering/fruiting growth.
Consciously harvested with no fillers or additives, Biologic Systems Humus is composed of 100% pure forest humus. Thousands of years in the making, our Humus is produced entirely by mother nature through the process of natural decomposition of diverse forest material.
This organic amended soil is a blend like no other. With a base of peat/aged fir bark/worm castings/humus/humate- with pumice added for optimal aeration- the Gold Blend is our take on a Just-Add-Water Super Soil.
Biologic Systems Silver Blend Potting Soil is an organic, fully amended potting soil specially formulated for vigorous plant growth in any indoor, outdoor or greenhouse system.
This premium blend of organic fertilizers and amendments has been specifically formulated to be a convenient top dressing for established plants. This diverse mix provides balanced nutrients for vegetative growth and is designed to be applied every 10-14 days.
Biologic Systems Top Bloom is a carefully selected blend of organic fertilizers and amendments specifically formulated to promote stunning, vigorous blooms in all flowering plants.