This formula is a generalized crop nutrition program for broad acre application. It involves a soil amending application with a balanced NPK fertilizer and our line of liquid nutrients. All of our liquids are designed and screened to go through traditional drip equipment.
Need an easy to follow “compost tea recipe?” We have two different options Actively Aerated Compost Extract (AACE) or Active Compost Extract(ACE). AACE involves extracting the ingredients with the addition of air. ACE involves using a manual method of extracting the ingredients though a BioExtractor Bag ™. Both recipes provide excellent microbe and microbial food sources for the soil. 
This recipe is for the involved orchardist that wants to enhance the biology in their soil as well as the biology on the leaf surface. A very simple to follow recipe that Is effective and affordable.
This formula is for growers who are gardening under lights. It can be implemented in a no till indoor system or various hydroponic growing methods. It works well with Soil, Soiless media, Rockwool, Coco ,and  ebb and flow systems. 
This formula is for farmers that are growing in large containers, raised beds, and fabric pots with potting soil. Engineered for maximum production pushing genetics to their optimal potential and growth.
Here are all of our recipes in one convenient to print out format.
Our product catalog gives you an overview of our product line in one location. From soils to nutrients and equipment, we can help you to facilitate a sustainable growing environment.