38 special potting soil

38 Special Germination Soil

The 38 Special contains very fine grades of Peat Moss and Perlite. Designed to pack a plug to be able to transplant easier. You can clone in it, and start seeds in it. Has a small fertilizer charge to keep them green. It is recommended to start watering in the Liquid Grow after rooting or germination. Say goodbye to rooting plugs.

Available Sizes
1.5 Cu Ft (42.48 L) bag & 2.5 Yds (1911 L) tote

Directions for Use
Blend with prepared or native soils at 10-25% of total volume.

Containers & Mixing Soil
1-3 qt per yard
½ – 1 oz per gal
4-8 oz per sq ft

Top Dressing Established Plants

¼-1/2 oz per gal
25-150lbs/1000 sq ft