Biologic Systems Wettable Mycorrhizae Blend

Wettable Endo Mycorrhizae Blend

Mycorrhizal fungi form symbiotic microbial relationships with the roots of 95% of plant species, dramatically improving plant survival, vigor and health. Mycorrhizae increase nutrient uptake by increasing the surface absorbing area of the roots and releasing powerful enzymes into the soil that convert tightly bound nutrients into plant-available forms.

Biologic Systems Wettable Mycorrhizae Blend contains three carefully selected species of Endo Mycorrhizae including Rhizophagus intraradices (recently renamed from Glomus intraradices). R. intraradices is scientifically proven to provide phosphorous fixation to plant roots through symbiotic microbial relationships. Biologic Systems Wettable Mycorrhizae Blend is specifically designed for West Coast climates and comes in powder formulation for easy application in liquid suspension for use in compost tea or to water into the soil around established plants. 

Contains non-plant food ingredient
Contains the following species of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi:

Rhizophagus intraradices ……….200 spores per gram
Funneliformis mosseae………………. 50 spores per gram
Septoglomus deserticola…………… 50 spores per gram

Available Sizes
3 Lbs, 10 Lbs, 20 Lbs

Directions for Use
Dissolve 1 tsp per gallon of water or apply dry during transplant or in soil blends.
Apply to soil during vegetative growth and first 2 weeks of flowering.

For best results:
DO NOT: tank mix with pesticides/fertilizers, use chemically treated water, or adjust pH.

Wettable Mycorrhizae