Liquid Humic Acid bucket

Liquid Humic acid

Biologic Systems Liquid Humic Acid contains 6% water soluble humic acid. Humic acids are essential components of soil that bind to nutrients and other organic compounds: unlocking unavailable nutrients, lowering salt content, and creating the aggregates necessary for proper soil structure. This premium liquid Humic Acid is designed for use on highly maintained turf and crops. It is especially effective in soils with low organic matter, pH issues, or high salt content. It is compatible with most liquid and solid soil products and application equipment, including hose end sprayer, drip irrigation, and conventional spray systems.

6% Humic Acid

Derived from: Humic: Shale

Available Sizes
1 Gal, 5 Gal, 55 Gal, 275 Gal 

Directions for Use
Mix product well before use.

Plant Food
1-2 TBSP (15-30 ml) per Gallon of water

Compost Tea
2 oz /5-Gal
2 cups/50-Gal
2 Qts/250-Gal

Compost Tea Foliar Spray
½ TBSP/Gal
4 oz/25-Gal

liquid humic acid