Biologic Systems Humus


Consciously harvested with no fillers or additives, Biologic Systems Humus is composed of 100% pure forest humus. Thousands of years in the making, our Humus is produced entirely by mother nature through the process of natural decomposition of diverse forest material. As a soil amendment, Biologic Systems Humus provides organic inputs that have accumulated over time with natural, microbially-driven, soil humification. Humus also aids in the retention of water and nutrients; creating stable, long lasting soil for your garden.

Available Sizes
1 Cu Ft bag (28.3 L) or 2 Yd tote (1529.1 L) 

Directions for Use
Blend with prepared or native soils at 10-25% of total volume.

Containers & Mixing Soil
1-3 qt per yard
½ – 1 oz per gal
4-8 oz per sq ft

Top Dressing Established Plants

¼-1/2 oz per gal
25-150lbs/1000 sq ft